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RAD-Moon & Ethernet EVB Value Package
RAD-Moon & Ethernet EVB Value Package

Product Code: RAD-MOON-EVB-PKG

The following items are included with this product:

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The RAD-Moon is a media converter for connecting one port of Broadcom’s BroadR-Reach® physical layer to one port of a 4-wire 10/100 Ethernet (100Base-TX).

The Ethernet Evaluation Board (EVB) is a low cost learning tool for Automotive Ethernet. This USB powered board includes two complete Ethernet nodes, an Ethernet monitoring device, and a powerful Vehicle Spy Ethernet analyzer*. (*Vehicle Spy 90 day trial license included; Full Vehicle Spy software license available as additional purchase.) It also includes Broad-R cable and Mini USB Cable.

Get both of these tools in one cost-saving package.

RAD-Moon Features:

  • 1 Port BroadR-Reach® PHY (BCM89810) connected directly to one port of 4-wire 10/100 Mb PHY
  • Powered via USB
  • Master/slave auto-configuration
  • Activity Link LEDs for both PHYs
  • Molex Mini 50 connector for BroadR-Reach® PHY
  • RJ-45 connector for 10/100 Mb PHY
  • Compact for portability
  • Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure
Ethernet EVB Benefits:

  • Two complete BroadR-Reach® nodes demonstrate full Ethernet conversations
  • Full Ethernet monitoring allows analysis of all low level traffic
  • USB powered for easy setup
  • Audio IO support to experiment with sending Audio IO over Ethernet
  • Each node contains a real time Ethernet scripting engine for time critical experiments
  • Includes all cables so you can get started right away
Example Ethernet Experiments:
The scripting engine in each of the Ethernet nodes allows you to build experiments to learn the following topics:

  • Ethernet Frame Structures
  • Signals in Ethernet frames
  • Layers of Ethernet
  • TCP/IP basics
  • Decoding a TCP Stream
  • Basics of precision time protocol
  • Decoding a IEEE 1722 data stream
  • AVB protocol suite introduction
  • 14229 Diagnostics over IP
  • XCP over Ethernet
  • Gatewaying Ethernet over CAN
  • Stress testing Ethernet