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Autonomous ONE Developer Kit Basic
Autonomous ONE Developer Kit Basic

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The following items are included with this product:

Autonomous ONE Developer Kit Basic

The Autonomous ONE Developer Kit Basic is a development kit for autonomous vehicle application using Jetson AGX Xavier, RAD-Star 2, ValueCAN 4-2, and neoOBD2 - Simulator.

This kit includes:

Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit:

With the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit, you can easily create and deploy end-to-end AI robotics or autonomous applications

RAD-Star 2

Active Tap & Gateway for Automotive Ethernet Intrepid’s RAD-Star 2 is a multi-purpose active tap and media converter for Automotive Ethernet. Using the RAD-Star 2, you can monitor one pair of 100BASE-T1 connections, or attach your laptop to two 100BASE-T1 ECUs or other devices. As a gateway to 10/100/1000BASE-TX, RAD-Star 2 makes any standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with 100BASE-T1. The RAD-Star 2 has two 100BASE-T1* PHYs, allowing it to tap a single link between ECUs and/or switch ports. It can also be configured to act as a media converter for up to 2 devices. In addition to its Automotive Ethernet capabilities, it offers 2x CAN FD channels. * 100BASE-T1 can also be used as BroadR-Reach©

ValueCAN 4-2 Hardware Interface:
2 channel CAN / CAN FD with USB cable (USB-A).

neoOBD2 Simulator

The neoOBD2 Simulator is a low cost bus simulator with two CAN / CAN FD channels for your desktop. The simulator has been designed for CoreMini script-based simulations for interactive protocols such as ISO14229, CCP, XCP, or J1939.

It is easy to interact with your scripts by using the neoOBD2 Simulator’s four combination knobs/buttons and multi-color LEDs. Because it is equipped with a J1962 DLC connector and a Li-Ion battery, your vehicle network tools will connect to the simulator just like they do to your vehicle, and the neoOBD2 Simulator can independently power them.

The neoOBD2 Simulator also includes the NeoVI-PS power supply that allows you to power both your network tool and simulator right at your desk. Load new simulations as needed using Vehicle Spy Enterprise over USB-C.

The neoOBD2 Simulator also comes with a 12x4 character OLED B/W LCD screen which is programmable through Vehicle Spy's Function Blocks for user feedback.

Vehicle Spy Professional Developer Edition -- Available with Select Products Only

Vehicle Spy 3 Professional Developer Edition is not a perpetual license. Rather, it is a time-limited license, after which the software is no longer usable unless a standard PC-Locked or hardware-locked version of Vehicle Spy is purchased. It is designed for use with development kits and certain value packages, to allow a low cost-of-entry yet full product features.

The Vehicle Spy Professional Developer Edition has the same feature set as the Vehicle Spy Professional License. It is a PC-Locked license (not floating). Once purchased and installed, it cannot be swapped from one computer to another. It is not transferable to any other Intrepid product.

The time-limited license lasts for the length of time stated in the Developer Kit from which it was purchased. Once the license expires, the license is unusable. The user must purchase a license of Vehicle Spy Professional or other Vehicle Spy license at full price.

The Vehicle Spy Professional Developer Edition cannot be purchased separately or re-purchased to extend a Developer Edition's expiration date.

Please visit the Vehicle Spy webpage for the most up to date information. For a complete description of the features in this edition, please visit the Vehicle Spy Professional store entry. A comparison of the various versions of Vehicle Spy is also available.

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