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neoVI ION Wireless Data Logger / Vehicle Network Tool
Includes FIRE2 VNET module in main VNET Slot
Does not include Vehicle Spy license
Does not include Wireless neoVI license
One license required per neoVI device

Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks
Product Code: NEOVI-ION

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PC to Vehicle Interface and Remote Data Logging System

The neoVI ION marries the best of vehicle network tools with the Android embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability, with support for multiple network interfaces and both standalone and wireless logging.

Key Features

  • Vehicle interface to USB tool with Vehicle Spy support, like the neoVI FIRE2
  • Full standalone data logging functionality
  • Remote and wireless standalone data logging capability
  • HD video recording:
    • Support for up to 8 HD cameras at 720p with a frame rate up to 30 FPS
    • Able to capture HD video in both high and low light environments
    • Can be used for dash and instrument cluster monitoring, active safety testing, lane departure, adaptive cruise control, back up camera testing, etc.
    • Can be used to visualize real-world environment
  • All data can be time-aligned and uploaded to Wireless neoVI
  • Supports CAN FD and Automotive Ethernet
  • Two VNET expansion slots, one preloaded with a FIRE2 VNET

Supported Networks (Including All GM Global B)

  • 8x Dual Wire CAN FD
  • 2x Single Wire / LSFT CAN (selectable)
  • 4x LIN
  • FlexRay (optional)
  • Upgradeable to Automotive Ethernet

Optional networks and additional channels can be added through VNET modules; see below for details.

Supported Protocols

  • ISO14229 (UDS)
  • KWP2000
  • J1939
  • OBD


  • Standalone data logging
  • Remote data logging with auto-download via Wi-Fi, 4G or Ethernet
  • Standalone ECU or vehicle simulation
  • HDMI port for external heads-up display
  • In-vehicle data acquisition
  • Captive test fleet data collection
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle interfacing with J2534, RP1210, and Vehicle Spy support over USB 2.0, Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with GM DPS, Ford DET, DiagRA, Chrysler CDA

Send Scripts and Manage Data via Wireless neoVI

You can remotely send a data logger configuration or script to your neoVI ION through Wireless neoVI, a website that provides fleet management and data management to a fleet of vehicles. You can get the latest GPS location, automatic data downloads, and automatic export/analysis of data in the format you require.

Remote Connectivity and GPS Location

The neoVI ION provides several ways of connecting remotely:

  • Internal 4G data modem
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet (for connection to external 4G modem or wired networks

All of these allow for data download and remote fleet management. In addition, the neoVI ION has a 5 Hz GPS accurate to within 3 meters, which can be used both as a fleet management tool and within a data logging session for correlating locations to your test data.

The Power of Scripting – CoreMini

There are few, if any, data loggers that can capture as many types of data as the neoVI ION, and even fewer that can log them all simultaneously. The neoVI ION does this by using CoreMini – a proprietary executable that runs within the ION’s VNET network adapter card. The script runs independently of the Android OS, and it’s highly flexible, allowing you to make requests, initiate network management and calibration sessions, and more.

VehicleScape DAQ Writes the Scripts for You!

The best thing about CoreMini scripts is you don’t have to learn how to write them! They are automatically generated within our Vehicle Spy software using the VehicleScape DAQ feature. VehicleScape DAQ provides an easy interface to load in your proprietary message databases, diagnostic databases, and CCP/XCP A2L files. Once loaded, it’s as simple as searching for your signal names, PIDs/DIDs/LIDs, and measurements. Then simply click on the Standalone Logging tab and configure your logging script. Set up pre-and post-triggers, sleep modes, multiple triggers and other parameters, then generate your script for download. VehicleScape is very versatile, and works in almost every situation. However, for those few times you may need something special, you can also access the generated scripts and add custom modifications.

VNET Modules – Multiple Network Adaptors Within One neoVI ION

The neoVI ION comes standard with one FIRE2 VNET module – a miniaturized version of our neoVI FIRE2 vehicle network interface. You can have up to two VNET modules, allowing you to support large numbers of CAN channels, as well as FlexRay, analog and digital I/O, and more. Example configurations:

The VNET slot also allows for future expansion and reconfiguration as your needs change.

Logging While Downloading from Massive On-Board Memory

With the aid of a proprietary Android application, data can be downloaded without interrupting or slowing down acquisition. The neoVI ION has an SD card slot and supports up to 128 GB high-speed SD cards, enabling you to capture on the order of hundreds of billions of messages! This means that you won’t have to worry about losing data when you are in an area with no wireless coverage, or if you have a network outage.

Sleep Mode Options

The proprietary Android application also provides sleep management capability, which works with the neoVI ION to sleep when needed, upload data before sleep, and wake whenever network traffic begins. Many options are available:

  • Upload all data since last power-on before sleep
  • Upload all pending data before sleep
  • Upload pending data when network signal returns
  • Instant wake-up: capture even the very first message on dual-wire CAN networks
  • Several sleep modes with current draw < 1 mA
  • Zero current draw mode with optional backup battery

The neoVI ION is Part of Intrepid's Total Solution for Data Logging

  • neoVI ION and neoVI PLASMA: Wireless, GSM, data collection, compression, offload, analysis, heads-up display, driver logging system.
  • Wireless neoVI: Data repository, remote configuration and monitoring, fleet management, runs on a server or local PC. Fully scalable.
  • Vehicle Spy Software: Data logging and real-time signal monitoring combined with post-analysis features. Complete data acquisition and analysis tool.

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