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neoOBD2 Developer Kit Professional
neoOBD2 Developer Kit Limited
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neoOBD2 Developer Kit Professional

The neoOBD2 Development Kit Professional is a versatile development kit for prototyping automotive IoT applications as well as general purpose vehicle network applications for CAN/CANFD, SWCAN, LIN, and Ethernet using the neoOBD2 PRO, neoOBD2 Simulator, and Vehicle Spy Enterprise.

This kit comes with a perpetual license of
Vehicle Spy Enterprise.See Vehicle Spy Enterprise for more details and licensing information.

This kit includes:


The neoOBD2 PRO is an open platform, professional-grade vehicle network adaptor for CAN/CANFD, SWCAN, LIN, and Ethernet networks. It features a TI SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220SF Wi-Fi module and a Nordic nRF52 BLE module where you can host your own embedded IoT applications for ARM Cortex™-M4 microprocessor. Your applications will have complete receive and transmit access to all data present on the vehicle networks supported by the device.

The neoOBD2 PRO is compatible with popular IoT platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and any other platforms and servers based on secure protocols such as HTTPS, SSL/TLS, and MQTT.

The neoOBD2 SDK allows you to quickly develop applications for neoOBD2 PRO.


The neoOBD2 SDK is a comprehensive SDK available for neoOBD2 PRO that provides all Intrepid and third-party software components needed to create your own embedded automotive IoT applications for the Wi-Fi and BLE modules. The SDK provides various sample projects with documentation so that you can expedite your development process.

The provided Wi-Fi sample projects are supported on the ARM Cortex™-M4 application processor of the CC3220SF Wi-Fi module with TI CCS IDE and ARM GCC. Amazon FreeRTOS (a: FreeRTOS) is provided for applications with RTOS requirement and makes it easy to securely connect to AWS cloud services like AWS IoT Core and AWS Greengrass.

The provided BLE sample projects are supported on the ARM Cortex™-M4 application processor of the nRF52 BLE module with ARM GCC. The S132 SoftDevice stack provides API to easily implement BLE solutions.

The SDK provides Intrepid Security Module (ISM) libraries, precompiled static libraries for the Wi-Fi and the BLE application processors, which allow the applications running on the Wi-Fi and BLE modules to access vehicle network data. The library allows CAN, LIN, and Ethernet messages to be easily constructed from code and transmitted on a live bus with a single API function call. The library also allows you to setup callbacks in the code for vehicle network messages you want to capture. This can be done by configuring those messages in Vehicle Spy Enterprise using the C Code Interface feature.

Vehicle Spy Enterprise is required to flash the neoOBD2 PRO with the compiled Wi-Fi and BLE application binaries.

The neoOBD2 SDK is available on Github at https://github.com/intrepidcs/neoobd2_sdk.

neoOBD2 Simulator

The neoOBD2 Simulator is a low cost bus simulator with two CAN / CAN FD channels for your desktop. The simulator has been designed for CoreMini script-based simulations for interactive protocols such as ISO14229, CCP, XCP, or J1939.

It is easy to interact with your scripts by using the neoOBD2 Simulator’s four combination knobs/buttons and multi-color LEDs. Because it is equipped with a J1962 DLC connector and a Li-Ion battery, your vehicle network tools will connect to the simulator just like they do to your vehicle, and the neoOBD2 Simulator can independently power them.

The neoOBD2 Simulator also includes the NeoVI-PS power supply that allows you to power both your network tool and simulator right at your desk. Load new simulations as needed using Vehicle Spy Enterprise over USB-C.

The neoOBD2 Simulator also comes with a 12x4 character OLED B/W LCD screen which is programmable through Vehicle Spy's Function Blocks for user feedback.

Vehicle Spy Enterprise

Vehicle Spy Enterprise is a single tool for diagnostics, node/ECU simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, and in-vehicle communication networks bus monitoring. Vehicle Spy was designed to with a focus on ease-of-use and user productivity.

Vehicle Spy enables multiple users of a single computer to easily keep track of their own projects, logged data, scripts, and functional block setups. Easy to follow tutorials and online help enable new customers to become familiar with Vehicle Spy in the first day of use. In addition, Intrepid Control Systems offers Vehicle Spy basic training to all of its customers at a low cost.

  • Network Monitoring
  • Diagnostics (GMLAN and Keyword 2000)
  • Data Acquisition/Logging
  • Node (ECU) Simulation
  • Automated Testing
  • CAN Bus
  • LIN Sub-bus
  • K Line
  • J1939
  • ISO9141
  • Keyword 2000
  • UART