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WaveBPS Software License

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WaveBPS: Portable Low Level Analog Serial Data Analysis

This package includes WaveBPS Software License for one year, includes one year of upgrades and phone tech support.

In the real world, things often go wrong to the point where CAN bus, LIN bus, or FlexRay tools do not show enough information - one has to understand what is going on at a lower level. Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce WaveBPS, an advanced tool for capturing and analyzing serial data analog waveforms like FlexRay, CAN Bus, CAN FD, UART (J1708, K-Line, SCI, GM CGI), J1850, SPI, I2C or LIN Bus. Besides general purpose monitoring, WaveBPS can quickly capture infrequent or intermittent protocol violations. For example, you can track down the CAN error frames that may occur during a crank event while another application is verifying there are no timing violations on software based LIN implementations.


  • Move quickly and with less hassle by bringing your oscilloscope to the plant or vehicle .
  • Save time and improve quality with automatic measurements that quickly find nodes that are causing protocol errors.
  • Improve productivity by automating testing of your ECU's analog functions.
  • Build your knowledge by visualizing message timing interaction between ECUs.
  • Save time troubleshooting latencies of periodic messages.
  • Root cause intermittent events with microsecond accurate script based triggering.
  • Save time searching analog data captures for protocol violations.
  • Learn every little detail of a protocol in order to maximize efficiency.
Each WaveBPS license purchased is for one (1) PC installation ("PC-Locked license"). Read our licensing agreement here.

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