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Vehicle Spy Scripting Training (Function Blocks)
Vehicle Spy Advanced Training

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Class Overview

This course expands and builds upon the material taught in our basic Vehicle Spy Training course, focusing on advanced features such as Function Blocks, Graphical Panels, Application Signals and standalone hardware operation. The class consists of brief lectures and many hands-on tutorials. Students also have plenty of time to ask questions about their own projects.

Course Outline


Estimated Length



30 minutes


9:00 AM-12:00 PM

~3 hours

Vehicle Spy Hands On:

  • Advanced Hardware Features
    • MISC, LEDs, Other I/O, Sleep Feature
  • Application Signals
    • Properties of a Signal/Application Signal
  • Function Blocks
    • Starting and Stopping
    • Capture Function Block
    • Playback Function Block
    • Script Function Block - Commands
    • Comment
    • Stop
    • Wait For/Wait Until
    • If/Else/End If/Else If
  • Function Block Control
    • Start
    • Trigger
    • Save
    • Stop
    • Call
  • Jump If/Jump To
  • Pause
  • Transmit

12:00-1:00 PM

1 hour


2:00-3:30 PM

~1.5 hours

More Vehicle Spy Hands On:

  • Graphical Panels
    • Graphical Panel Tools
    • Using as a HMI, control VSpy access to user
    • Command Line switches
  • More Script Function Block Commands
    • Show Panel
    • Set Value
    • Start Loop/End Loop
    • Clear History
    • Log Data
    • Read Data
    • Special Script Commands
      • DAQ Action
      • Diag Job Action
      • Test DTC
      • neoVI Pro Action
      • Load Message Data
      • Core Mini Action
      • Text API
  • neoVI Server
  • Flashing using neoVI Hardware and OEM software Tools
  • Stand-Alone Functions
    • Playback
    • Recording
    • Flashing

3:30-4:00 PM

30 minutes

Wrap Up Q&A

Time Estimated Length Description
8:30AM 30 minutes Welcome
9:00-9:10AM 10 minutes Hardware Overview
9:10-9:20AM 10 minutes Installing the Software
9:20-12:00PM ~2.5 hours Vehicle Spy Hands On:
  • Messages View
    • Highlighting
    • Filtering Data
    • Saving Data
  • Databases View
  • More on Messages View
    • Signals
    • Saving Data (Basic)
  • Messages Editor
    • Receive Messages Table
    • Transmit Messages Table
    • Marking Received Msgs
    • Using a Rx Msg to Tx a Msg
12:00-1:00PM 1 hour Lunch
1:00-3:30PM ~2.5 hours More Vehicle Spy Hands On:
  • Signal Plot and Signal List Views
  • Other Ways to Save Data
    • Logging
    • Data Cache
    • Data Capture Fn Blocks
  • Loading in Saved Data Files
  • Post Analysis Features
3:30-4:00PM 30 minutes Wrap Up Q&A

Dates and Registration

Please view our training schedule to see upcoming training dates. You can register online or contact Intrepid for seat availability.

Note: The price listed above covers training at Intrepid Control Systems or online via WebEx. It does not include travel expenses to customer's facility for onsite training. Please contact us for more details on customized courses or conducting training sessions at your location.

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