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Availability:: Pre-Order: This item will be released on July 31st, 2019
Product Code: RAD-IO2-CANFD-HUB

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The RAD-IO2-CANHUB is a CAN FD interface for the RAD-IO2 Series of Open I/O. :

  • CAN FD interface for RAD-IO2 (one channel CAN FD)
  • Supports up to 5 RAD-IO2 devices
  • Needed to interface RAD-IO2 devices to CAN bus
  • Powered from VBAT input on DB9 connector
  • CAN-HUB accepts 4.5VDC-40VDC
  • Cable to power CAN-HUB and extend CAN to DB9 is optional

An Open I/O Concept - Use CAN, USB, or Arduino for DAQ

Most DAQ applications tie you to a single toolchain or software. That results in less choice and higher prices. Many of us have often wanted hardware that expands beyond vehicle networks into digital I/O, analog I/O relays and other sensors. The RAD-IO2 Family is what you've been waiting for.

Intrepid's RAD-IO2 devices connect in three ways:

  • Using the CANHub, it connects to your CAN or CAN FD vehicle network (or an unused network on any CAN/CAN FD device, such as a neoVI ION, neoVI Plasma, or neoVI Fire 2.)
  • Connects directly to USB port on neoVI Fire 2 and neoVI ION
  • Connect to Arduino with UART
  • USB for direct connection to your PC and Vehicle Spy.
Stackable and Daisy-Chain

All RAD-IO2 Modules have the ability to stack, using an integrated "dovetail" notch. Stackable, Daisy-Chain Up To Five Modules with optional CAN-HUB; Two with FIRE2 or ION; PC-USB depends upon power limitation from the PC-USB