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neoNub Blue (DB-25F to OBD-II)
neoNub Blue (DB-25F to OBD-II)

Product Code: NEONUB-BLUE

Description Specifications


The neoNub Blue OBD-II (J1962) adapter converts the DB-25M connector on neoVI devices to a standard OBD-II connector.


The neoNub Blue provides many advantages over other connectors:

  • Eliminates a Cable: Mounting the neoNub on a neoVI device means you don't need the cable portion of the OBD II cable, saving space and weight.
  • Standard Connector: The DB-25 is an "off-the-shelf" standard connector that can be purchased at local electronics stores for convenience.
  • Fully-Populated: All 16 OBD-II signals are linked to the DB-25 connector; most OBD-II solutions only populate part of the cable. For example, many won't support both Single Wire CAN and Keyword 2000.
  • Reduces OBD-II Connector Wear: The OBD-II connector is designed for relatively few connection cycles, which can lead to wear-out on test vehicles or benches. The neoNub can be left on the vehicle, allowing you to connect and disconnect the more robust DB-25 connector easily.

The standard pinout of the neoNub Blue meets OBD-II requirements, including those that add CAN and GMLAN.

WARNING: Make sure to check your OBD-II connector for any non-standard layouts that may interfere with the signaling on the neoVI unit.

Connector Pinouts and Signal Mapping

OBD-II Pin # OBD-II Signal DB-25F Signal DB-25F Pin #
1 Discretionary* (GMLAN SW CAN) SW CAN 1
2 SAE J1850 + J1850 VPW 2
3 Discretionary* (GMLAN MS CAN H) MS CAN H 16
4 Chassis Ground AUX L 23
5 Signal Ground PWR GND 13
6 Discretionary* (GMLAN HS CAN H) HS CAN H 14
7 ISO9141/K ISO K 8
8 Discretionary* J1708H 19
9 Discretionary* (GM ALDL) AUX H 24
10 SAE J1850 - J1850 PWM L 5
11 Discretionary* (GMLAN MS CAN L) MS CAN L 17
12 Discretionary* LSFT H 3
13 Discretionary* LSFT L 4
14 Discretionary* (GMLAN HS CAN L) HS CAN L 15
15 L line of ISO 9141-2 ISO L 7
16 Unswitched Vehicle Battery Positive VBATT 25