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Must be factory installed into neoVI-Plasma or neoVI-ION.

Product Code: MOST-VNET-50

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VNET for Plasma – MOST50. MOST EPHY.

Interact with a MOST network using neoVI PLASMA and MOST50 VNET module.

The MOST VNET Module is designed to add MOST network functionality to a neoVI PLASMA. The MOST VNET can occupy one slot in a neoVI ION or neoVI Plasma.

Maximum Performance for MOST25 and MOST50

The MOST VNET Module can accommodate either one MOST25 dongle or one MOST 50 dongle. Each dongle has LEDs to indicate light, lock, and message traffic.

Install Up to THREE VNETs into ONE PLASMA

If you need more channels, or different channels, just install another VNET. The MOST VNET is compatible with all other VNETs. You can mix and match up to three VNETs in a single neoVI PLASMA.

Example configurations include:
  • 1 x MOST Network and 4 x DWCAN (1 MOST VNET + 1 FIRE VNET)
  • 1 x MOST Network , 4 x DWCAN and 1 x FlexRay Network (1 MOST VNET + 1 FIRE VNET + 1 FlexRay VNET)
  • 1 x MOST Network , 4 x DWCAN and 7 x Differential Inputs (1 MOST VNET + 1 FIRE VNET + 1 AIN VNET)

VNETs Operate Independently or Together

All VNETs are able to run their own scripts for data logging, simulation, or test execution. These scripts run independently of other active VNETs. Although they are independent, they record data with a single time stamp onto the neoVI PLASMA’s SD Cards.

VNETs Operate via USB or Wireless Interface

All VNETs are accessible via USB, similar to our popular neoVI network adaptors. They also are accessible and programmable via the neoVI PLASMA’s wireless interfaces. This makes the neoVI PLASMA ideal whether you’re data logging in a remote area, on the test track, or running a test stand with multiple ECUs.

API Support

The neoVI DLL API includes examples for all popular development environments including C#, VB. NET, VB6, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C++, LabVIEW and LabWindows. Also, we have examples and drivers for Linux.

MOST - Media Oriented Systems Transport - is the standard for automotive infotainment and multimedia networks.

MOST was designed to accommodate the harsh automotive environment while transmitting audio, video, data, and control information efficiently and cost effectively.

While originally designed for automotive use, MOST is also an effective solution in other areas such as transportation applications, AV networking, security, and industrial applications.

Learn more about MOST: http://www.mostcooperation.com/home/index.html

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