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ValueCAN Deutsch 9-Pin (J1939-RP1210) Cable (DB-9F to Deutsch 9-Pin)
ValueCAN Deutsch 9-Pin (J1939-RP1210) Cable (DB-9F to Deutsch 9-Pin)

Product Code: J1939-CABLE

Description Specifications


This cable allows a ValueCAN 3, ValueCAN 4-1, or ValueCAN 4-2 to connect to a Deutsch 9-pin (J1939) connector on commercial vehicles. It uses the standard J1939 pinout, including dual CAN channels, and is 6' long to provide the extra reach sometimes needed in large vehicles.

Connector Pinouts and Signal Mapping

Deutsch Signal Deutsch Pin # DB-9F Pin # DB-9F Signal
Ground (-) 1/A 3 GND
Battery (+) 2/B 9 V+
CAN High (+) 3/C 7 CAN1 High
CAN Low (-) 4/D 2 CAN1 Low
CAN Shield 5/E 5 GND (Shield)
J1708 (+) 6/F N/C N/C
J1708 (-) 7/G N/C N/C
CAN2 High (+) 8/H 8 CAN2 High
CAN2 Low (-) 9/J 4 CAN2 Low

Note: The table above shows standard signals for the Deutsch 9-pin connector; this includes J1708, which is not supported by current Intrepid hardware devices.