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Hardware Reserialization and License Transfer Service
Hardware Reserialization & License Transfer Service



Send in your old hardware device to have it reserialized so you can transfer your existing Vehicle Spy license to a new hardware purchase.

Example Scenario: John owns a ValueCAN 3 and a Vehicle Spy license. He decides he would like to purchase a neoVI FIRE but he does not have the budget for another Vehicle Spy license. Instead, John uses Intrepid's Hardware Reserialization Service. He purchases a neoVI FIRE and sends in his old ValueCAN. Intrepid changes the ValueCAN's serial number and puts a new label on it. We then send John his reserialized ValueCAN, his new neoVI FIRE, and a new Vehicle Spy license for the neoVI FIRE.


  • Vehicle Spy license must be in maintenance.
  • Customer will be responsible for all shipping charges.