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FlexRay VNET Module
FlexRay VNET Module
This product has a 6-8 week leadtime.
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Must be factory installed into neoVI PLASMA or neoVI ION. Requires Vehicle Spy Professional Version to use in Vehicle Spy.

Product Code: FLEXRAY-VNET

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The FlexRay VNET Module is specially designed to add FlexRay network adaptor functionality to a neoVI PLASMA or neoVI ION. The FlexRay VNET can occupy one slot in a neoVI ION or neoVI Plasma. The FlexRay VNET Module enables quick setup and monitoring of a complete FlexRay network. This module includes two complete FlexRay nodes, each with channel A and B physical layers.

  • Interact with the Bosch ERAY FlexRay Core using Windows  Development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Develop FlexRay / Handler ECU code on the PC
  • Reconfigure FlexRay networks without using device  programmers

Install Up to THREE VNETs into ONE neoVI PLASMA

If you need more channels, or different channels, just install another VNET. The FlexRay VNET is compatible with all other VNETs. You can mix or match up to three VNETs in a single neoVI PLASMA. Example configurations include:
  • 1 x FlexRay Network and 4 x DWCAN (1 FlexRay VNET + 1 FIRE VNET)
  • 1 x FlexRay and 1 x MOST Network (1 FlexRay VNET + 1 MOST VNET)
  • 1 x FlexRay and 7 x Differential Inputs (1 FlexRay VNET + 1 AIN VNET)

VNETs Operate Independently or Together

Each VNET is able to run its own script for data logging, simulation, or test execution. These scripts run independently of other active VNETs. Although they are independent, they record data with a single time stamp onto the neoVI PLASMA’s SD Cards.

VNETs Operate via USB or Wireless Interface

All VNETs are accessible via USB, similar to our popular neoVI network adaptors. They also are accessible and programmable via the neoVI PLASMA’s wireless interfaces. This makes the neoVI PLASMA ideal whether you’re data logging in a remote area, on the test track, or running a test stand with multiple ECUs.

neoVI DLL, J2534, Linux, and RP1210 Support

Some prefer to write their own software. For these users, the FlexRay VNET supports the neoVI DLL open API. The neoVI DLL API includes examples for all popular development environments including C#, VB. NET, VB6, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C++, LabVIEW and LabWindows. Also, we have examples and drivers for Linux.
Hardware-in-the-Loop Real-Time Performance
The FlexRay VNET Module includes a real-time scripting engine that is used to perform real-time messaging. For example, someone creating an application can load a script into the hardware and interface with the script variables allowing microsecond measurement and control. Also Vehicle Spy, through its Hardware Acceleration feature, can send real-time functions to the device, such as periodic messaging, replay, or scripting.
Vehicle Spy Application Software
Our Vehicle Spy software fully supports the FlexRay VNET. You can use Vehicle Spy to monitor all FlexRay VNET networks simultaneously. The Vehicle Spy license from the neoVI PLASMA is required to configure stand-alone functions. Take advantage of the powerful VehicleScape DAQ interface to quickly load databases, pick signals, then auto-generate complex scripts. Send, start and stop scripts via USB or the Wireless neoVI server application. You can even leverage VehicleScape DAQ’s auto-generated scripts by modifying them to create a custom solution.

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