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Ethernet Evaluation Board (Ethernet EVB)
Ethernet EVB
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Includes Vehicle Spy Trial for Ethernet EVB

Product Code: ETHERNET-EVB
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Low Cost Experimentation with Ethernet Technology

The Ethernet Evaluation Board includes everything you need to get a Ethernet network up and running. Includes necessary Broad-R cable and Mini USB Cable.

The Intrepid Control Systems, Inc.’s Ethernet Evaluation Board (EVB) is a low cost learning tool for Automotive Ethernet. This USB powered board includes two complete Ethernet nodes, an Ethernet monitoring device, and a powerful Vehicle Spy Ethernet analyzer.


  • Two complete BroadR-Reach® nodes demonstrate full Ethernet conversations
  • Full Ethernet monitoring allows analysis of all low level traffic
  • USB powered for easy setup
  • Each node contains a real time Ethernet scripting engine for time critical experiments
  • Includes all cables so you can get started right away
Example Ethernet Experiments
The scripting engine in each of the Ethernet nodes allows you to build experiments to learn the following topics:

  • Ethernet Frame Structures
  • Signals in Ethernet frames
  • Layers of Ethernet
  • TCP/IP basics
  • Decoding a TCP Stream
  • Basics of precision time protocol
  • Decoding a IEEE 1722 data stream
  • 14229 Diagnostics over IP
  • XCP over Ethernet
  • Gatewaying Ethernet over CAN
  • Stress testing Ethernet
Vehicle Spy Trial Edition Software Included

Vehicle Spy Trial Edition includes a version of Vehicle Spy software that supports monitoring, transmission, and scripting on Ethernet. Unlike the Trial Edition, the Professional Edition is not time limited and supports other networks, such as CAN, LIN, MOST and FlexRay.

A Lot of Automotive Ethernet on a Single, Low-Cost Board
Two complete Ethernet nodes each contain their own real time scripting engine. Using the Vehicle Spy software, you can download example scripts the demonstrate Automotive Ethernet concepts. The board contains a Ethernet spy device allowing you to monitor all Ethernet communications between the nodes. Also, all the IO - including CAN, buttons, LEDs, and Ethernet - is available to scripts you create yourself with Vehicle Spy.

Single Board Experiments
In single board experiments, the board is powered from USB and the two Ethernet nodes communicate with each other. Many experiments can be handled in this topology.

Switched Environment
Ethernet EVBs can also serve as test nodes with an Ethernet switch. Here two Ethernet EVBs are connected to a Broadcom BroadR-Reach® switch creating a typical Automotive Ethernet network.

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