neoVI ION Wireless Data Logger / Vehicle Network Tool neoRAD-IO2-BADGE
PC to Vehicle Interface and Remote Data Logging System

The neoVI ION marries the best of vehicle network tools with the Android embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability, with support for multiple network interfaces and both standalone and wireless logging.
The neoRAD-IO2-Badge is a demonstration platform that can measure multichannel analog input and digital output on a single low-cost device.
2 x RAD-SuperMoon Plus VSpy Enterprise Value Package RAD-Moon
2 x RAD-SuperMoon Plus VSpy Enterprise Value Package RAD-Moon
This package includes everything you need to perform an active tap on 100/1000BASE-T1 The RAD-Moon is a media converter for connecting one port of Broadcom’s BroadR-Reach® physical layer to one port of a 4-wire 10/100 Ethernet (10BaseTX).  The RAD-Moon provides a small but rugged enclosure perfect for carrying in your laptop bag.
Ethernet Evaluation Board (Ethernet EVB) RAD-Star 2 Active Tap / Gateway / Media Converter
Ethernet EVB RAD-STAR2
Intrepid Control Systems, Inc.’s Ethernet Evaluation Board (EVB) is a low cost learning tool for Automotive Ethernet. This USB powered board includes two complete Ethernet nodes, an Ethernet monitoring device, and a powerful Vehicle Spy Ethernet analyzer. Also includes Broad-R cable and Mini USB cable.
RAD-Star 2: A multi-purpose Ethernet gateway for Automotive Ethernet applications. Using the RAD-Star 2, you can monitor both sides of a BroadR-Reach® connection or connect your laptop to BroadR-Reach® networks as a physical layer gateway. As a gateway to standard 4 wire Gigabit Ethernet, RAD-Star wmakes any existing standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with BroadR-Reach®.