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CAN Training
CAN Training

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Class Overview

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a powerful technology that serves as a primary communications network on most modern vehicles. This class will give you the basic knowledge and hands-on experience you need to get up to speed with CAN. The course has been highly successful; we have trained hundreds of engineers and others in this technology.

Who Should Take This Course

This training is suitable for anyone who is exposed to CAN in automotive electronics, including managers, technicians, and engineers. It does not assume previous experience.

Why You Should Take This Course

You'll need only six hours of your valuable time, and will find it well spent. A qualified CAN expert instructor, small class size, hands-on exercises and quizzes will ensure that you learn as much as possible.

You will have a PC with Vehicle Spy CAN analysis software, a ValueCAN tool, an oscilloscope and electronics laboratory tools. Lunch and beverages are included. And when you are done, you will get a free CD with information on CAN. Even better, you get to keep the ValueCAN tool, a $295 value, making the class effectively free!

Topics Covered

  • How does CAN compare with J1850?
  • What is a physical layer?
  • What is a CAN controller?
  • What does a CAN message Look like?
  • What does a CAN waveform look like on an oscilloscope?
  • What is an Arbitration ID?
  • What is the difference between CAN 1 and CAN 2.0b?
  • What is a higher level protocol?
  • Why can't you transmit a CAN message when there is only one node on the bus?
  • Why is having your tool in error active a good thing? Aren't errors bad?
  • What is bit timing in CAN?
  • What is Single Wire CAN (SWCAN)?

Course Outline


Estimated Length


8:30 AM

30 minutes


9:00 AM

10 minutes

Quick Overview of Intrepid Hardware and Software

9:10 AM

~3 hours

Understanding Controller Area Network: Lectures and Exercises:

  • Physical Layout of a CAN Network
  • The Components of a CAN Node
    • Transceiver
    • CAN Controller
    • (Host) Processor
  • Types of CAN Networks and Common Speeds
    • DW
    • SW
    • LSFT
  • Description of Fields and Message Types
    • Start of Frame (SOF)
    • Arbitration ID (Arb ID)
    • Control Field
    • Data Field
    • CRC Field
    • ACK Field
    • End of Frame (EOF)
    • Inter-Frame Separation (IFS)

12:00 PM

1 hour


1:00 PM

~2.5 hours

Digging Deeper into CAN:

  • Bit Stuffing
  • Bit Timing
  • CAN Errors
  • CAN Fault Confinement
    • Error Active Nodes
    • Error Passive Nodes
    • Bus Off Node

3:30 PM

30 minutes

Wrap-Up / Q&A

Dates and Registration

Please view our training schedule to see upcoming training dates. You can register online or contact Intrepid for seat availability.

Note: The price listed above covers training at Intrepid Control Systems or online via WebEx. It does not include travel expenses to customer's facility for onsite training. Please contact us for more details on customized courses or conducting training sessions at your location.

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