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Class Overview

Since Broadcom has initially developed BroadR-Reach to enable Automotive Ethernet, IEEE has released 100BASE-T1 to specify 100 Mbps and introduced Gigabit Automotive Ethernet with 1000BASE-T1… and a 10 Mbps technology is emerging in IEEE 10BASE-T1S! In addition to new speeds, Automotive Ethernet continues to grow immensely in the number of applications, creating new roles and opportunities in many OEM and Tier 1 companies. Intrepid is a leader in the world of Automotive Ethernet, and this training class will give you experience with this technology, allowing you to learn how it can be applied to automotive systems.

Who Should Take This Course

This class is designed to provide experience with Ethernet, Automotive applications, and, hands-on experience with its associated tools. It is ideal for engineers, technical specialists, engineering managers, and others who intend to design, integrate, debug, or test Automotive Ethernet networks and applications.

Topics Covered

  • Automotive Ethernet Overview: Get a high-level overview of Automotive Ethernet and its applications to automotive networking. Learn what it is, how it works, and why you should use it.
  • Networking Fundamentals / OSI Reference Model: A brief review of these concepts as they apply to Automotive Ethernet.
  • Ethernet Switches and Layer 2 networking : Learn how an ethernet switch works and its role in the network.
  • Internet Protocol Overview: Understand how nearly all data is transported on Ethernet.
  • Layer 4 Protocols: Learn the differences between UDP and TCP and why these 2 protocols coexist.
  • Create a Real, Working Automotive Ethernet Network: Create an Automotive Ethernet network using Intrepid's Automotive Ethernet hardware and Vehicle Spy software.
  • Audio Video Bridging/Time Sensitive Networking: AVB/TSN is an important suite of protocols used to introduce time-bounded latency, determinism, and meet other QoS needs to deliver streams of high-quality media and time critical information over Automotive Ethernet networks. These applications and protocols are explained in order to observe and understand the demonstration of a live AVB/TSN media stream.

Dates and Registration

Please view our training schedule to see upcoming training dates. You can register online or contact Intrepid for seat availability.

Note: The price listed above covers training at Intrepid Control Systems or online via WebEx. It does not include travel expenses to customer's facility for onsite training. Please contact us for more details on customized courses or conducting training sessions at your location.

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