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Must be factory installed into neoVI-Plasma or neoVI-ION.

Product Code: AIN-VNET

The following items are included with this product:

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Analog Input VNET Module for neoVI PLASMA

The AIN VNET Module occupies one slot on a neoVI ION or neoVI PLASMA, adding analog input functions to the device.

Analog Input Capability

The AIN VNET Module provides seven differential and two single-ended input channels. All channels are isolated and protected against overvoltage.

Mixed Signal Capture

The AIN VNET Module allows you to capture analog data easily and synchronize it with serial network data from our other VNET modules, such as the FIRE VNET. With one package, you can now capture analog sensors along with network data. This functionality is also fully integrated with Intrepid’s software and wireless tools.

Install Up to Three VNETs into One neoVI ION or neoVI PLASMA

The neoVI ION has two VNET slots, while the neoVI PLASMA has three. This allows you to combine different channel capabilities within your device. The AIN VNET is compatible with all other VNETs. You can mix and match up to three VNETs in a single device (though you can only have one AIN VNET at a time).

Example configurations include:

  • 7 differential inputs, 2 single-ended inputs, and 4x DWCAN (AIN VNET + FIRE VNET)
  • 7 differential inputs, 2 single-ended inputs, 1x MOST, 4x DWCAN (AIN VNET + MOST VNET + FIRE VNET on neoVI PLASMA)
  • 7 differential inputs, 2 singe-ended inputs, 1x FlexRay, 4x DWCAN (AIN VNET + FlexRay VNET + FIRE VNET)
VNETs Operate Independently or Together

All VNETs are able to run their own scripts for data logging, simulation, or test execution. These scripts run independently of other active VNETs, but they record data with a single timestamp onto the host device's SD card storage.

VNETs Operate via USB or Wireless Interface

All VNETs are accessible via USB, similar to our popular neoVI network adaptors. They also are accessible and programmable via the neoVI ION's or neoVI PLASMA’s wireless interfaces. This makes both devices ideal whether you’re data logging in a remote area, on the test track, or running a test stand with multiple ECUs.

API Support

The neoVI DLL API includes examples for all popular development environments including C#, VB. NET, VB6, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C++, LabVIEW and LabWindows. We also have examples and drivers for Linux.

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