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neoVI FIRE 2

Next Generation Vehicle Interface & Data Logger: 8x CAN FD, 4x LIN, Ethernet:DoIP/XCP

Modern vehicle architectures are expanding to include Ethernet and CAN FD in addition to existing CAN and LIN networks. The neoVI FIRE 2 provides Ethernet, eight channels of CAN (including CAN FD) and four channels of LIN in one tool. All channels run simultaneously and are time-stamped in hardware. A fully-isolated high-speed USB interface allows messages to be sent and received without risk of damage to the PC.
neoVI ION Wireless Data Logger / Vehicle Network Tool

PC to Vehicle Interface and Remote Data Logging System

The neoVI ION marries the best of vehicle network tools with the Android embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability, with support for multiple network interfaces and both standalone and wireless logging.

Mobile Technology Meets Automotive Testing! neoVI PLASMA is a mobile connected device, ruggedized for automotive use, and packaged with our popular neoVI vehicle network interfaces.

Thousands Sold! neoVI FIRE provides six channels of CAN and four channels of LIN in one tool. All channels run simultaneously and are time stamped in hardware. A fully isolated USB interface allows a PC to send and receive messages without worry of damage to the PC.

Thousands Sold! neoVI RED provides two channels of CAN and two channels of LIN in one tool. One of the CAN channels may be switched between Dual-Wire (DW), Single-Wire (SW), or Low-Speed Fault-Tolerant (LSFT).
Logger Package
neoVI FIRE Logger Package

All the hardware you need for logging! The Logging Package includes a neoVI FIRE, a neoVI MOTE scriptable CAN node, and a NEOVI-OBD-CAN-1 cable. Already have a neoVI FIRE? Read more to learn about our upgrade option.
Logger Package Upgrade
neoVI FIRE Logger Package Upgrade

The Logger Package Upgrade includes hardware accessories for logging with your neoVI FIRE. This package includes a neoVI MOTE scriptable CAN node and a NEOVI-OBD-CAN-1 cable.
Wireless neoVI (WIVI) Software License

Wireless neoVI software, 1 year license