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Does not include Vehicle Spy license One license required to use in Vehicle Spy

Product Code: RAD-STAR

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Active Tap and Gateway for Automotive Ethernet

Intrepid Control Systems introduces the RAD-Star, a multi-purpose Ethernet gateway for Automotive Ethernet applications. Using the RAD-Star, you can monitor both sides of a BroadR-Reach® connection or connect your laptop to BroadR-Reach® networks as a physical layer gateway. As a gateway to standard 4 wire Gigabit Ethernet, RAD-Star makes any existing standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with BroadR-Reach®.

Active Tap
To monitor the full duplex BroadR-Reach® Ethernet physical layer, you need to insert an active gateway. This specialized gateway passes all traffic between the BroadR-Reach® devices at nearly zero latency and also makes two copies for the connected Gigabit Ethernet tool - also at wire speeds.

The RAD-Star acts as a gateway between your laptop or other standard Ethernet device and the physical layer of your target ECU. It translates BroadR-Reach(R) traffic in the vehicle to standard Ethernet traffic you can view and analyze on your computer using Intrepid's Vehicle Spy software.

  • Tap copies full duplex communications between master and slave with sub-microsecond latency.
  • Tap has basic filtering and routing capabilities.
  • Can serve as a BroadR-Reach® to Gigabit Ethernet bridge.
The RAD-Star device contains four Ethernet connections. Two Ethernet connections are connected to the BroadR-Reach® physical layer. Two Ethernet connections are connected to standard Gigabit Ethernet that routs traffic to a PC using Vehicle Spy. A high speed intelligent router manages message passing between Ethernet PHYs.