Vehicle Spy 3 Professional (full version) ValueCAN3 (DW 2 Channel)
Vehicle Spy ValueCAN3 (DW 2 Channel)
Vehicle Spy is a single tool for diagnostics, node/ECU simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, and in-vehicle communication networks bus monitoring. Vehicle Spy was designed to with a focus on ease-of-use and user productivity. ValueCAN3 delivers value by being a simple, low cost, high performance, and high quality tool for connecting your PC to a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus. It has become a low cost standard for many large corporations including automotive, military, industrial networking, and heavy commercial vehicle OEMs and their suppliers. ValueCAN3 has proven itself in a wide range of applications and environments.
neoVI RED neoECU-10 (2 DW CAN Channels)
neoVI RED neoECU 10 (2 DW CAN Channels)
Thousands Sold! neoVI RED provides two channels of CAN and two channels of LIN in one tool. One of the CAN channels may be switched between Dual-Wire (DW), Single-Wire (SW), or Low-Speed Fault-Tolerant (LSFT). LOW COST EMBEDDED ECU - Need a scriptable, low cost node for CAN, K-Line, and LIN? The neoECU 10 fills this need by providing 2 CAN channels, LIN, analog input, and PWM I/O. The node runs the Vehicle Spy Core Mini engine for easy setup.
neoECU-15 (2 x DWCAN + BroadR-Reach®) RAD-Star
Scriptable, Ethernet-capable embedded ECU for CAN, K-Line, and LIN.The neoECU 15 fills this need by providing 2 CAN channels, LIN, analog input, BroadR-Reach®/4 Wire Ethernet, and PWM I/O. RAD-Star: A multi-purpose Ethernet gateway for Automotive Ethernet applications. Using the RAD-Star, you can monitor both sides of a BroadR-Reach® connection or connect your laptop to BroadR-Reach® networks as a physical layer gateway. As a gateway to standard 4 wire Gigabit Ethernet, RAD-Star makes any existing standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with BroadR-Reach®.